On Nov. 5, Gama Bomb -- Earache Records' Irish thrash heroes -- will be giving away their yet-to-be-recorded sophomore album, 'Tales From the Grave in Space,' for free.

Entering Grindstone Studios in Suffolk, England on Sept. 15 with producer Scott Atkins, Gama Bomb plan to allow the resulting album to be downloaded in its entirety, along with artwork by artist Jeff Jordan (Mars Volta).

When asked about the decision, frontman Philly Byrne told Noisecreep, "For us, the thing has always been about having a good time and getting our riffs out there to people. We've made two albums, been around for seven years and are still young enough to notice change when it's happening -- and this is us moving with the times. This is the way of the future, right here."

Joining the ranks of Radiohead, Saul Williams and Nine Inch Nails with this move, Gama Bomb further explain their decision as Byrne quips, "We're having a bloody good time being in a band and writing songs, and we love our riffs, so what better way to keep doing it than just giving it to people? And then, later, they can buy a physical record if they prefer. We're covering all the angles here, we know how we'd want our favorite new band to release their new record. Here's hoping your favorite new band is us!"

On the same day 'Tales From the Grave in Space' goes viral, Gama Bomb will also kick off their U.K. headlining tour in support of the free album.