For years, Fred Durst has been primarily known as the frontman for Limp Bizkit, but the rocker is about to open up his world a little bit by developing a new TV series for the CW based on his real-life experiences. This Readers Poll asks if you would be interested in watching a TV show about Fred Durst's life.

It should be noted that Durst has quite a bit of experience behind the camera, serving as an in-demand music video director in the early stages of Limp Bizkit's fame and eventually graduating to directing the films 'The Education of Charlie Banks' and 'The Longshots.' Durst has also made the occasional TV guest spots and previously developed a sitcom for CBS that was never picked up. So it's not as though Durst is a novice in the creation of such projects.

Plus, the polarizing frontman was definitely a lightning rod for some outrageous antics at the height of the band's career, which could make for some interesting television. However, that polarizing persona comes with a few negatives, with some potentially turning away at the simple suggestion of Durst's name. There are definitely haters out there for all artists, and the singer/director certainly has his share.

It's an intriguing proposition, developing a one-hour drama called 'The Noise' based on what could be some of Durst's interesting experiences. So you tell us -- would you watch a show about Fred Durst's life? Vote in the Readers Poll below: