Henry Ranta, Soilwork's former drummer and a current member of 5th Sonic Brigade, was allegedly arrested over the weekend in his native Sweden over the weekend for what was a truly metal criminal offense.

According to Blabbermouth, police stopped Ranta last weekend for driving his car too fast. When officers discovered Ranta didn't have a license to operate the vehicle, they searched his car, and lo and behold, found something incriminating. But it wasn't an open container or a bag of weed... cops found a giant hunting knife and took Ranta in for processing.

In Sweden, carrying knives that could be used as weapons in public places is against the law, and if convicted, Ranta now faces up to one month behind bars. "What can I say? What happened happened. I just laugh at it," Ranta nonchalantly said of his arrest.

Ranta joined the band in 1998, replacing drummer Jimmy Persson. Ranta recorded four albums with Soilwork, including 2002's breakthrough "Natural Born Chaos" and 2003's "Figure Number Five." Ranta left the band soon after the album's release, to focus more on his personal life, and was replaced a week later by Richard Evensand.

He helped form 5th Sonic Brigade in 2007, and the band's self-titled LP was released earlier this month.