Korn welcomed back guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch into the fold with their upcoming album, but they remain estranged from drummer David Silveria, who has been absent since the 'See You on the Other Side' album. Silveria got into a discussion with some of his Facebook followers about Korn's latest single and in the midst of the talk he revealed that he's offered to return to the band.

The posting began with Silveria likely offering a mass response to those who've questioned him about his thoughts on Korn's latest single, 'Never Never.' The skinbeater answered with a simple statement, explaining, "For all the fans asking, the answer is no I have not heard a new Korn song. All I can say is I'm sure it's not funky and groovy like the original Korn. I don't even need to hear it to know that."

As expected that got many of his followers openly discussing the merits of the comment until he decided to interject again in the conversation. Clarifying his previous statement, he added, "I am a funky groove drummer and Ray [Luzier] is a heavy metal drummer. That's why Korn will never sound as unique as we used to. And Korn lost their groove. I also like stating facts."

After a few commenters questioned if his quotes were taking things too far, he added, "I'm not talking crap on Korn. I'm just saying until they have the real 'funky drummer,' it's just not gonna groove the way it could. I've made it clear that I would come back and restore the groove." Later in the thread, he explained that while Korn would likely never admit it, he told the band members that he's ready to tour with them.

During the continued discussion, Silveria went on to discuss his dissatisfaction with the 'See You on the Other Side' album, which was produced by hitmakers The Matrix. He also started breaking down some of the history with the band and things he was involved with that he claims the band doesn't recognize. Silveria also concluded that part of the reason for their estrangement is due to the hurtful public things that have been said both ways. The drummer offers his regret, adding, "I reacted harshly after reading and watching them talk a bunch of s--- about me and even lying. I do wish I wouldn't have said what I did publicly."