Pursuing a music career isn't exactly easy as pie, and although his work as a member of Nirvana and Foo Fighters has given him iconic rock star status, Dave Grohl still remembers the days he worked at a furniture warehouse harboring still unfulfilled dreams. In an interview with Off Camera (excerpted by Alternative Nation), Grohl offered up some very logical advice to musicians who want to break into the industry.

"Just play live," said Grohl. "Honestly, if you're good at what you do people will recognize that. I really believe it. I really believe that going out playing good songs live as a great live band will make you successful. I really think it will, it doesn't matter if you're at a s--thole down the street or you're on the side stage at Bonaroo or you're headilning Lollapalooza. If you're a great band with great songs people will notice it."

For Grohl, being passionate and driven to make it are key components on finding an audience, and that people don't have to enter a singing competition show to carve out a music career. "To stand in front of some judge that doesn't even play a f--kin instrument on their own g--damn record tell you, 'No you're not good enough,'" added Grohl. "F--k that, go blow people away in their face. I honestly believe it's that simple."