Many have wondered if the sugar-coated stoner outfit Floor would ever grace a stage again. Well the answer has officially been made a yes, but the band that bore Torche, Dove and House of Lightning in its wake will only be playing again for three shows in the South: March 27 in Miami, April 2 in Gainesville, Fla. and April 3 in Atlanta.

This reunion comes on the heels of the soon-to-be-released Floor box set, 'Below & Beyond,' that catalogs everything the band ever recorded, which is close to 100 songs. The band's relentless career that spanned from '92 to '03 began as more of a sludge outfit, but eventually they embraced relatively poppy choruses, the kind that singer/guitarist Steve Brooks has almost trademarked in Torche.

Keeping in line with the box set, Floor's reunion shows will showcase all three lineups of the band -- all included different drummers, and the final incarnation of the band found Brooks and other founding member Anthony Vialon on low-tuned guitars sharing vocals.

Originally planned to just be a vinyl box set, 'Below & Beyond' has had enough demand that Robotic Empire has now announced an eight-CD and digital version of the set to be expected in February.

And though no formal announcement has been made on these reunion shows being put to film Andy Low of Robotic Empire has mentioned it via his blog as being planned and Henry Owings of Chunklet magazine has said via Twitter he's on the job.