Flood of Red

"We started the band to tour the world and make our way out of the small town we live in so it will take a lot to discourage us from our lives on the road," Flood of Red drummer Graham Griffith admits to Noisecreep. "The state of the economy obviously isn't great at the moment, and one of the things which will be taking a hit is the arts. But to us it just means we are going to try harder at making our show worth coming to and worth people spending their hard-earned money on."

If you think the six guys in Glasgow, Scotland-based Flood of Red are undaunted by a little hard work, you'd be correct. It seems no matter how high the odds are stacked against them, the determined group of young musicians are ready to hit the road -- and get away from home any way they can. The band's current major goal? To play America.

"We've not toured in the U.S.A. yet, but we would love to. It's a dream of ours. Hopefully we will make our way back across the pond in 2010 and play some shows," Griffith says.

"We have toured with some great American bands, though. Earlier this year we toured the U.K. with Madina Lake and the Audition, which was fantastic! The shows were great and I think we gained a lot of new fans from their audiences."

While the members of Flood of Red are young -- no member is older than 21 -- the band is proud of their collective fearless mentality. The young musicians used this devil-may-care attitude when selecting the title of their debut, 'Leaving Everything Behind.'

"For us, when we committed to the band full-time, we were 'leaving everything behind.' We chose not to stay on at school or to go to university, but to enter the unknown and try to make a success of the band."

'Leaving Everything Behind' is available via the band's own label, Dark City Records.