School is out, the days are longer and the mercury is rising. In celebration of the current season, Lacuna Coil chanteuse Cristina Scabbia shared her favorite, fun and frivolous things to do in the summer with Noisecreep. Some of Scabbia's activities are completely metal-free. But not surprisingly, a few of them do indeed revolve around her profession and her passion – which is music! Lacuna Coil's latest opus, 'Shallow Life,' is out now, and the band is currently touring.

Sleep in, go out, relax by the lake. "Summertime is always kinda weird for me, because every year, I find myself getting really lazy but hyperactive at the same time! That's why I love to sleep in during the morning but then I like to do a lot of stuff during the day, like running everywhere in town or hanging out with friends, sometimes traveling for few hours to reach a lake and lay down in the grass!"

Work and play at summer music festivals. "And not only because we play at some of the ones I like the most, but also because I love being surrounded by people who want to enjoy music, without any barriers. This year we played at Download in Donington, Nova Rock and Rock in Idro, with one of my all-time favorite bands, Faith No More, as well as Graspop in Belgium, and will be at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany."

Enjoy music. "Music completes my life. Not only because it's my passion and my job, but also because I love to listen to different types of music. Right now, for example, I just listened to Beyonce, then Faith No More and then Mastodon, and could care less about the genres. I loved all the songs of these bands and artists! Quality stands beyond categorization!" We agree with her on that one.

Feast on summer fruits. "It's not even a question of health because everyone should eat more fruit and veggies! It's just that eating peaches, apricots and cherries makes me completely feel that I'm in the 'sunny season.' Oranges and apples in winter are kinda boring sometimes, aren't they?" Anyone else feel the urge to run outside and devour an orange? Because we sure do, thanks to Scabbia's rationale.

Forego shoes. "Walking barefoot at home or on the grass. It's something I absolutely love. In the winter, I'm cold all the time. I'm definitely a sun person, so as soon as the good season comes, I hide all the slippers I have at home."