Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer pounds the skins and is apparently a big pigskin pundit. He picked the Green Bay Packers to overtake the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV this Sunday.

"I think their offense, if executed properly, is extremely tough to defend, and they will get points," Spencer told Noisecreep. "They are gonna do it by winning the line of scrimmage. I would send linebacker blitzes and change up coverages all day to confuse the Steelers banged-up offensive line. If they get to [Ben] Roethlisberger and disrupt his timing, they will most likely win."

Spencer -- whose favorite sports team of all time is the Nebraska Cornhuskers and who deems their 1995 squad "a perfect football team, period" -- said that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the critical character of the Packers' offense. With that in mind, though, he admitted that "the defensive front is key. If they can get pressure on the Steelers' offensive line, the linebackers can smash through and stop the run and get to the QB." Spencer predicted the Pack will win by a single touchdown, too.

He also has a drool-inducing sports-related memory as a kid, which involved "getting to go in the locker room of the St. Louis Cardinals football team and meeting the players."