Metal faves Five Finger Death Punch shot the video for their Top 5 single, the power ballad 'Remember Everything,' in Los Angeles over a span of three days in early February. The band specifically and purposely eschewed performance footage in favor of a plot and visually driven narrative. The members of 5FDP merely cast themselves in cameo roles in the video, directed by Emile Levisetti, whose resume features the hit television show 'Bones.'

"When we first developed the concept for 'Remember Everything,' we decided we didn't want the band performing in the video," vocalist Ivan Moody told Noisecreep about the choice to forego performances. "There are far too many ego shots of musicians these days playing their instruments in the desert, or churches or random places, that really have nothing to do with the song itself."

He continued, "We wanted this video to be more about the lyrics, emotion and mood of the actual piece and not about us, the band. I think it turned out stellar. I hope everyone gets out of it what we put into it."

The video opens in a white setting, with a young boy, age 3, who represents the innocent subconscious. He is the focal point and then draws primitive images in age-appropriate crayons, which then allow entry to the live action vignettes. As the boy continues to grow, he uses other more sophisticated instruments (markers, spray paints) to create visual art and to unlock the live action vignettes that point to other moments in his life. He eventually ends up in the military.

The rest is up for your watch, interpret and enjoy.

Watch Five Finger Death Punch's'Remember Everything' Video