It turns out even beefy, burly metal dudes like Five Finger Death Punch can show off their sensitive sides. This Valentine's Day weekend, 5FDP will host their second annual Valentine's Day radio program, 'Love Songs for Tough Guys.' The event boasts the band spotlighting their favorite hard rock and metal songs that represent the holiday of love from a male perspective. They even jokingly refer to St. Valentine's Day as 'Forced Enthusiasm Day.' How dude-like of 'em!

"Behind every successful man, there's a woman rolling her eyes and no matter how tough you think you are, if on this cheesy holiday you decide to neglect the ladies (even if she says she doesn't care) you will pay for it later ... and pay dearly" the band assessed.

The band advised, "So make that reservation and take her to that damn restaurant. However, the niceties must have a limit. While you're driving to that restaurant, you are still not going to listen to her Lady Gaga CD or you might as well shave your testicles, too. So, we made this compilation for you as a survivable compromise: 'Love Songs for Tough Guys.'"

The Valentine's Day special will feature music from Stone Sour, Deftones, Ozzy Osbourne and more. It was aired on over 45 stations nationally last year. This time around, the special looks to surpass its predecessor, with stations such as WMMR in Philadelphia, WAAF in Boston, KOMP in Las Vegas and WIIL in Chicago among those who will carry the programming on their airwaves.

But don't fear that 5FDP are getting all soft by 'celebrating' Valentine's Day. Here are a few facts that further demonstrate the band's metal mettle: Guitarist Zoltan Bathory won the silver medal in his division at the Abu Dhabi Pro World Trials Jiu-Jitsu Championship recently. While 5FDP may have taken the silver in hand-to-hand combat, they are going for the gold, musically. Both of the band's albums, 'The Way of the Fist' and 'War Is the Answer,' are so close to being certified gold by the RIAA.

Stations carrying 'Love Songs for Tough Guys' radio special

WIIL -- Chicago, IL

WMMR -- Philadelphia, PA

WAAF -- Boston, MA

CIMX -- Detroit, MI

KUFO -- Portland, OR

KCXX -- Riverside, CA

KATT -- Oklahoma City, OK

WFTK -- Cincinnati, OH

KZZQ -- Salt Lake City, UT

KOMP -- Las Vegas, NV

WJRR -- Orlando, FL

KFRR -- Fresno, CA

WQXA -- Harrisburg, PA

WAQX -- Syracuse, NY

WKRL -- Syracuse, NY

WXNR -- Greenville, NC

WXQR -- Greenville, NC

WJJO -- Madison, WI

KQXR -- Boise, ID

WXZZ -- Lexington, KY

WRCQ -- Fayetteville, NC

WZOR -- Appleton, WI

KNCN -- Corpus Christi, TX

KFLY -- Eugene, OR

WFXH -- Savannah, GA

KEYJ -- Abilene, TX

WKLC -- Charleston/Huntington, WV/Ashland, KY

KXRX -- Tri-Cities, WA

KJML -- Joplin, MO/Pittsburg, KS

WRQT -- LaCrosse, WI

KIBZ -- Lincoln, NE

WGBF -- Evansville, IN

KATS -- Yakima, WA

KACV -- Amarillo, TX