A cemetery? Tombstones? Dudes in fedoras and capes? Open graves? Guys with epic beards and dreads, rocking out like true badasses? Why it must be a metal video, right? Well, it's Five Finger Death Punch's new clip for 'Hard to See,' the lead single of the band's forthcoming LP, 'War is the Answer,' which bombards record stores Sept. 22. Noisecreep is honored to be bringing you the world premiere of the video, helmed and conceptualized by Matt Silverman. And we actually spoke yesterday with drummer Jeremy Spencer about what went down during the black snot-producing shoot.

The video opens with Five Finger frontman Ivan Moody inexplicably standing at the edge of an open grave. Is he a gravedigger? Is this hole his work? It's not clear. But early in the video, Moody is attacked by an ominous old guy in a cape. He smashes the singer over the noggin, sending him straight into the hallowed earth. The old man and his buddies then start to bury Moody, who -- despite having dirt dumped over him -- continues to belt out the song's lyrics.

"I'm not so sure the video has an underlying message, and it doesn't have a lot to do with the lyrics of the song. But it's fun to watch, in the end," Spencer tells Noisecreep. "Most of it, for us, was the concept of beating up the bad guys. That was fun. And standing there, jamming, which you've seen five million times. I don't know why Ivan was at the grave, but it makes for a cool shot in that video, doesn't it? It's cool to see Ivan hit with a shovel. I don't get to see that every day ... although some days I'd like to."


Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that after Moody's been buried under six feet of soft dirt, he rises like a phoenix? Then, with pumped fists, he rousts up his crew for revenge. Enter Five Finger Death Punch, who find the four guys with the hats who buried their boy, and give them a little what for. But let's be honest. As the video plainly shows, that first hit was a sucker-punch.

Anyway, the video is action-packed. In fact, Judo-lovin' guitarist Zoltan Bathory, who wields his axe during the video's fight scene, even flips a dude ... in slow motion! And throughout the clip, you'll see that dirt and ash seem to be raining down on Five Finger Death Punch, who will be hitting the road this fall with Otep and Shadows Fall.

"It was ashes or woodchips and dirt ... I forgot what the concoction was, but I spent the first six hours of that shoot getting that stuff poured on me, in every shot," says Spencer. "And I had to be in every one else's shot, too, because they needed to see the drummer behind them and the cymbals moving, so I was like, 'Great. Awesome.' It wasn't amazing, having that s--- in your eyes and your nose, but I think the video turned out cool, so a week's worth of black snot was worth it, I guess."