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Canadian melodic-rockers Evans Blue will close out the rest of 2011 in the studio with producer Trevor Kustiak. The band is working on their long-anticipated fourth studio album.On their Summer 2011 tour, Evans Blue played 4-5 new songs in the set every night to an overwhelmingly positive response from the fans. According to guitarist Parker Lauzon, "Adding new songs made our set exciting for us, and our fans got the sneak peek – what's changing and what direction we are moving in – and it's awesome to see them get excited about it." Noisecreep caught up with guitarist V and asked him to take part in our 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series.

The Police (1983)
"I think it was back when I could still barely tie my own shoes when I got exposed to this timeless masterpiece. My dad used to make mixtapes on his precious vintage reel-to-reel deck, and I would just go crazy for 'Synchronicity II,' 'King of Pain,' and 'Tea in Sahara.' The dark, almost sci-fi sound of Andy Summers' guitars had been embedded in my mind for years to come. It's still on my playlist after all these years, except now I can appreciate the production and songwriting on this record more than ever before."
'Appetite for Destruction'
Guns N' Roses (1987)
"This is the record that got me into playing the guitar and all the trouble that followed it. To a young and impressionable mind, this band embodied everything that is badass. The sound of 'Appetite' was raw, ugly and antagonistic, the guitar work was phenomenal and I loved every track. At the time I didn't know much about the crazy dude with the top-hat, but I knew for sure I wanna do what he does when I grow up - play the guitar, travel the world on a big-ass bus and get wasted every night."
'Piece of Mind'
Iron Maiden (1983)
"The first Maiden record I ever got, and the one that turned me into a lifelong Maiden fan. Love Adrian Smith's playing style. I remember listening to 'Flight of Icarus,' 'Still Life,' 'The Trooper' and thinking, "How can someone sing like that... are these guys even human?" Like most Maiden geeks I couldn't get enough of Bruce's vocals, the harmonized guitars and the galloping bass... and I couldn't stop drawing Eddie all over my school books, which subsequently led to my many visits to the child psychologist's office."
Metallica (1991)
"This was as much of a cornerstone for me as it was for the rest of the world. It was heavy metal refined, purified and cast into a giant monument of record that nobody can dispute to this day and it didn't lack attitude or integrity either. It's something that we all as musicians strive for: pure perfection, no compromise."
'Are You Experienced?'
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"It might sound like a cliché, just because this album contains most of his best known song, but no one can deny that those were the songs that inspired generations of lead guitarists all over the world. Jimi was superhuman, probably dropped off from some spaceship, and gave us some of the most amazing music ever and then he left. Many have tried to imitate his style, sound and phrasing...always resulting in epic fail. It can't be done, Jimi is God!"
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