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DevilDriver have had a busy 2011. Earlier in the year the thrashers released 'Beast,' their aptly titled fifth album, and they've been out on the road ever since. The group is currently destroying audiences with Arch Enemy, Skeletonwitch and Chthonic, on the American Khaos tour. During a rare moment of peace and quiet on his tour bus, DevilDriver vocalist Dez Fafara took the time to send Noisecreep a list and description of the five albums that changed his life.

'Morrison Hotel'
The Doors (1970)
I remember being a kid and getting into my parents' records and putting this one on. From then on I was a fan of The Doors and I still love them to this day. Jim Morrison was a shaman in the skin of a frontman. He's simply the best.
Steppenwolf (1968)
Here's another treasure from my parents' record collection. The phrase "heavy metal thunder" said it all to me when I was young. This record features some killer jams that all hold their own, even next to 'Born to Be Wild.'
KISS (1975)
As Johnny Kelly from A Pale Horse Named Death would say, "KISS is #1!" I was and am still a huge fan of these guys. I had all of their posters and was KISS Army to the core. It's all about Gene the Demon!
'Jealous Again'
Black Flag (1980)
Plain and simple – the first time I heard this record, I shaved my head and started digging into anything I could find that was punk rock. You still can't mess with this album.
Motörhead (1977)
Motörhead is the best band in metal. Lemmy has the best voice in metal. He's also the best frontman in metal. I love me some Motörhead! Not to mention there all nice guys.
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