We obviously cover a ton of killer axe-slingers on Noisecreep, but we could safely say that we've yet to feature one that plays a 14-string guitar. Venezuelan guitarist Felix Martin, a graduate of the prestigious Berklee School of Music, recently released an album on Prosthetic Records called Live in Boston that we can't recommend enough. Pick it up at this link.

Featuring Martin's melding of instrumental prog-metal, jazz, fusion and world music, Live in Boston is a masterclass in forward-thinking guitar.

With Martin about to embark on his first-ever national tour, Noisecreep asked him for the five genres, and the its players, that most influenced his stellar guitar work.

Jazz Fusion:
Alex Machacek (With Terry Bozzio and Marco Minnemann)

"He is quite a bit similar to Allan Horldsworth and Tim Miller, but uses a lot more complex rhythms and meters, which I relate more to my style."


Ron Jarzombek (Spastic Ink, Blotted Science)

Blotted Science

"He's probably one of my biggest influences of all time. I have transcribed so many of his songs, especially the most difficult ones so I can learn more."



Nuclear Blast

"For me, they are a poly-rhythmic encyclopedia! I was really amazed when I discovered Meshuggah, because they really have an original compositional style that only they are good at!"


Charlie Parker


"He is definitely my favorite straight jazz artist. One of the most difficult arrangements I have done for the 14-string guitar is the melody of "Donna Lee" played with both hands."

World Music:

Ensamble Gurrufio (Venezuelan traditional)

"These guys use Venezuelan traditional music and arrange it in a musically complex way. This kind of music is probably my biggest influence when playing tapping."

Watch Felix Martin Perform 'The Triangle Tune'

Felix Martin U.S. tour dates:

9/1 Oakland, CA - Stork Club
9/2 San Pedro, CA - Alva's Showroom
9/4 Santa Monica, CA - The Trip
9/5 Long Beach, CA - Di Piazzas
9/6 Los Angeles, CA - Good Hurt
9/7 San Diego, CA - Claire de Lune
9/15 Albuquerque, NM - Burt's Tiki Lounge
9/18 Fort Worth, TX - The Aardvark
9/19 Austin, TX - Head Hunters
9/21 Houston, TX - The Mink Houston
9/22 Beaumont, TX - The Logon Cafe
9/23 Tulsa, OK - Sound Pony
9/24 Eureka Springs, AR - Squid and Whale Pub
9/26 Wichita, KS - The Pumphouse
9/29 Carbondale, CO - Steve's Guitars
10/2 Denver, CO - The Mercury Lounge
10/5 Livingston, MT - Murray Bar
10/6 Belt, MT - Fort Ponderosa Park
10/7 Billings, MT - Walkers
10/9 Seattle, WA - The Rogue and the Pleasant
10/12 Shoreline, WA - Darrel's Tavern
10/13 Portland, OR - Ivories Jazz Lounge & Restaurant
10/18 Boise, ID - Boise State University ( 11:30 am show)
10/18 Boise, ID - Liquid Lounge
10/22 Salt Lake City, UT - Devil's Daughter
10/24 Las Vegas, NV - Freaking Frog