A unnamed, corpse-painted, black metal-meets-Rob-Zombie-style band is featured in a new FedEx commercial. It's pretty brilliant, showing that underneath all the costumes, face paint and general hardness associated with the genre, metal bands can be sensitive and do eternally un-hip things like play golf.

In the clip, the band's manager storms into their hotel room, barking that he can't sell them as "The Most Dangerous Band in the World" when they are seen schlepping golf clubs through airports during down time. Gasp! Evil metal bands don't play golf! It's not cool.

One of the members soft-spokenly states, "But we love golf."

The manager's most brilliant line –and he spouts off several in 30 seconds- comes next: "As far as the fans know, you are only capable of hate."

In order to keep that hate-filled image going, he tells them their clubs will now be shipped discreetly to courses via FedEx, indicating that it's the trusted source for all your shipping needs.

The manager then tells the band members that they need to learn to trash hotel rooms and smashes a vase to get them started on that course of behavior. One of the "haters" then proceeds to get water for the flowers from the smashed vase.

Way to twist the stereotypes, FedEx ad team!

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