Serj Tankian may have made his name in System of a Down, but the frontman has been rather prolific as a solo artist in the years since the band's last release. This Readers Poll asks you to name your favorite Serj Tankian solo song.

For Tankian, his solo career began with 2007's 'Elect the Dead' album. The vocalist stayed a little closer to his previous script with this release, as 'Empty Walls,' 'The Unthinking Majority,' 'Lie Lie Lie' and 'Sky Is Over' all earned airplay. In between albums, Tankian also offered the non-album singles 'Fears' and 'The Charade' to keep fans occupied.

He returned in 2010, delivering more orchestral elements into his overall sound with 'Imperfect Harmonies.' The disc yielded the singles 'Left of Center' and 'Reconstructive Demonstrations.' Wasting little time, Tankian quickly turned around 2012's 'Harakiri' album, which included the singles 'Figure It Out,' 'Cornucopia' 'Uneducated Democracy' and the title track.

Take a look at Serj Tankian's singles and let us know which of these tracks is your favorite. Vote in the Readers Poll below: