After seemingly retiring Nine Inch Nails with the "Wave Goodbye" tour back in 2009, Trent Reznor has reactivated the band for more shows. With the group now playing live again, it got us reflecting on the various lineups Nine Inch Nails have employed over the years and this Readers Poll asks you to name your favorite collective.

While Reznor has been the lone constant, those playing around him have changed throughout the years and while we won't hit on every member, check out the primary players during each trek. Dipping back into the '80s into the early '90s, it started with the 'Pretty Hate Machine' support, which saw Chris Vrenna on drums, future Filter leader Richard Patrick on guitar and James Woolley coming on board late to add synth work.

The 'Self-Destruct' tour had Vrenna and Woolley reprising their roles, along with bassist Danny Lohner, guitarist Robin Finck and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Clouser. The 'Fragility' trek saw Vrenna and Woolley exiting, with drummer Jerome Dillon replacing Vrenna and joining Finck, Lohner and Clouser.

As the 2000s hit, Reznor overhauled the lineup with Jeordie White on bass, Aaron North on guitar and Josh Freese on drums for the 'With Teeth' tour. The 'Lights in the Sky' run saw the return of Finck on guitar and Freese remaining on drums, while Justin Meldal-Johnson was the new bassist and Alessandro Cortini played a variety of instruments. For the 'Wave Goodbye' tour, Reznor employed Finck, returning bassist Jeordie White and new drummer Ilan Rubin. And finally, for the 'Tension' tour, Finck, Cortini and Rubin are back, with Josh Eustis playing bass and other instruments.

So there you have it -- the primary lineups for each of Nine Inch Nails' major tours. Tell us which Nine Inch Nails lineup was your favorite in the Readers Poll below.