In recent years, some of the top theme parks in the U.S. have finally made the connection with music artists to provide specifically themed horror attractions for Halloween. Rob Zombie has his 'Great American Nightmare' and Black Sabbath's '13' album is providing inspiration for a Universal Studios 3D maze. That got us wondering which artist's persona and catalog would make for the best Halloween theme park attraction.

You have the aforementioned Zombie, who is already crafting a number of mazes based on his films and spreading his vision to an entire theme park. Black Sabbath, meanwhile, have continually tapped into the dark side and '13' has the types of themes that translate well to their maze.

Other options include Alice Cooper, forever at the forefront of theatrics, and KISS, marketing masters always ready to expand their brand. Speaking of theatrics, Marilyn Manson would certainly qualify. And you've also got great masked outfits like Slipknot and GWAR who would be perfect for such an event. Throw in veteran metal acts like Slayer, Helloween and King Diamond -- each who know a thing or two about the dark side -- and you've got an interesting list of artists who both entertain and thrill while sending a few chills up your spine.

Take a look at the options below and vote for which act you think most lends itself to creating a great Halloween theme park attraction: