On Sept. 27, 1986 the music world lost one of its great talents when Metallica bassist Cliff Burton was tragically killed in a bus accident while the band was traveling to a show in Sweden. This Readers Poll reflects on his short but impressive career and asks you to tell us which song from the Cliff Burton era of Metallica is your favorite.

Metallica has one of the most highly regarded debut albums in metal history with 'Kill 'Em All.' The 1983 disc generated such classics as 'Hit the Lights,' 'The Four Horsemen,' 'Jump in the Fire,' 'Whiplash' and, of course, 'Seek and Destroy.'

They followed in 1984 with 'Ride the Lightning,' which features the title track along with 'For Whom the Bell Tolls,' 'Fade to Black,' 'Creeping Death' and the instrumental favorite 'The Call of Ktulu.'

Burton was touring with the band in support of the 'Master of Puppets' album at the time of his death. That disc yielded such standouts as 'Battery,' 'The Thing That Should Not Be,' 'Welcome Home (Santiarium),' 'Disposable Heroes' and the title track.

That's a lot of great metal within a very short span of time. Now it's your turn to vote for your favorite Cliff Burton-era Metallica Song in the Readers Poll below: