Black Sabbath have been one of metal's more prolific bands, no matter what the lineup of the group has been. This Readers Poll reflects on their output over the years and asks you to name your favorite Black Sabbath album.

The band really came out of the gate firing, offering two albums in 1970 -- their self-titled debut and the follow-up record 'Paranoid.' That was quickly followed by new albums in 1971 ('Master of Reality'), 1972 ('Black Sabbath, Vol. 4') and 1973 ('Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'), with their first break coming with a two-year span until 1975's 'Sabotage.' By the time Ozzy Osbourne left in the late '70s, the group had already issued eight albums.

The '80s gave us a variety of lineup changes as Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes and Tony Martin would front such albums as 'Heaven and Hell,' 'Mob Rules,' 'Born Again,' 'Seventh Star,' 'The Eternal Idol' and 'Headless Cross.' During this period, the band would also see Bill Ward and Geezer Butler exit, with Tony Iommi remaining the one constant from the original band.

Martin carried over into the '90s as the band's frontman on the albums 'Tyr,' 'Cross Purposes' and 'Forbidden,' while Dio made a one-off return for 1992's 'Dehumanizer.' And the 2000s finally brought Ozzy Osbourne back into the fold with Butler and Iommi for the 2013 release '13.'

That's a lot of music to consider. Take a look at the choices below and let us know which of these albums is your favorite. Vote for your pick for favorite Black Sabbath album in the Readers Poll below.