On Nov. 7, 1995, Alice in Chains continued their musical legacy by releasing their eponymously titled third album. Sadly, it would be the band's last full studio album to feature frontman Layne Staley before his death in 2002. This Readers Poll reflects on Alice In Chains' self-titled effort and asks you to tell us your favorite song off the disc.

The album arrived at a key period in the band's career, following their highly successful 'Dirt' album. It was during this period that Staley exited rehab for heroin addiction only to start using again. The band went through their own trials and tribulations with Staley before reconciling to record their new record. A lot of the tensions, along with Staley's own demons, made this one of the band's darker efforts.

The swampy and sinister 'Grind' led off the album and served as the lead single, with Jerry Cantrell stepping up on vocals. The more melodic 'Heaven Beside You' followed, featuring Cantrell's bendy guitar lick and lead vocals. The foot-stomping 'Over Now' and the grungier Staley-led 'Again' also earned airplay off the album as well.

The full track listing for the Alice in Chains self-titled album can be seen below. Take a look and vote for which song off the disc is your favorite: