Reissues and special anniversary editions are all the rage, with bands revisiting some of their biggest discs and unearthing previously unheard or unviewed material to celebrate a special landmark. With several 1993 efforts getting 20th Anniversary updates, this Readers Poll asks you to tell us which 1993 hard rock or metal release is your favorite.

It was an interesting year for new bands as Tool broke out with 'Undertow,' Candlebox threw their name in the grunge pool with their self-titled debut and Perry Farrell branched off with Porno for Pyros on their eponymous release. Acts like Smashing Pumpkins ('Siamese Dream'), Monster Magnet ('Superjudge'), Primus ('Pork Soda') and Bad Religion ('Recipe for Hate') really saw their careers reach new heights with their 1993 releases.

Metal fans were treated to discs from Anthrax ('Sound of White Noise'), Morbid Angel ('Covenant'), Motorhead ('Bastards'), Overkill ('I Hear Black'), Sepultura ('Chaos A.D.') and Type O Negative ('Bloody Kisses'), while veteran acts like Living Colour ('Stain') and Poison ('Native Tongue') continued to build their catalog. And let us not forget three very successful albums from 1993 -- Nirvana's 'In Utero,' Pearl Jam's 'Vs.' and Aerosmith's 'Get a Grip.'

Across the board, 1993 was a great year for hard rock and metal music. Your task now is to tell us which 1993 album is your favorite. Vote in the Readers Poll below: