There are so many celebrities doing the Twitter thing these days, it doesn't surprise us anymore who signs up. After Trent Reznor waged online war against Chris Cornell, we just about figured everyone was on Twitter. But what about a guy like Glenn Danzig, the pint-sized frontman for the Misfits? Think Glenn could ever succumb to the peer pressure, and start Tweeting to the masses about his gloomy goings-on?

The likely answer is no, Danzig don't Tweet. But someone has established an account on the social networking site for mini-bloggers under Glenn's good name, and man, it is genius. Obviously, its not the work of the actual "Mother" crooner, lest anyone think otherwise. Just head on over to @Danzig, and check it out for yourself.

The fake Danzig has been active on Twitter for months now, but has left very few updates. However, the ones that have been posted are sure to put a smile on that menacing mug of yours. "I've never liked the word 'spunky'" reads an April 4 posting. "My patience has worn thinner than my hairline lately," reads March 23's update. The first, posted back in late February, reads, "Standing in a clearing at the edge of the woods, shaking a baby in my mouth."