Eyehategod and Mystick Krewe of Clearlight drummer Joseph M. LaCaze, known as "Joey," passed away on Aug. 23 in his native New Orleans. His cause of death, as confirmed by doctors, has been now been revealed.

Doctors confirmed to his family that respiratory failure was the cause of death. LaCaze, 42, was a long-term asthmatic, as well.

His resume certainly was eclectic. In addition to performing with NOLA sludge merchants Eyehategod and the instrumental psych rock project Mystick Krewe of Clearlight (or Clearlight), he also performed ceremonial voodoo percussion in several solo experimental electronic projects. His musical interests were varied and unique, that's for sure.

He leaves behind a daughter, Lilith LaCaze. A fund has been set up for her benefit. Anyone interested in making a contribution of any denomination can do so by writing a check payable to either the Lilith LaCaze or Joseph LaCaze donation fund. The check can be dropped off at any Capital One Bank in any city.

Noisecreep sends our best to the family, friends and fans of LaCaze.