Exodus' Rob Dukes is hitting the road. But relax. He's not leaving the legendary thrash band he fronts. Rather, he's embarking on his third cross-country trip via motorcycle. He exits the New York area on Sunday, Aug. 30 and will be planning to clock 4,500 miles of open road, with the wind in his hair and scenes of Americana in his rear view.

The third time is often the charm. So Dukes, who was working on his master scuba diving license with intentions to teach scuba diving upon completion when he joined Exodus, will be enjoying different experiences on this particular trek. "The last trip I went in a glider, "Dukes told Noisecreep. "This time it's sky diving. I plan on going sky diving in Utah or Arizona, and I'm looking forward to dragging my knees through the mountains and the time alone. I don't have any expectations except to have fun and enjoy the U.S. roads at 130 miles per hour."

Dukes will be hopping on his new wheels, a 2004 Honda RC51, and he'll be cruising 400 to 500 miles per day. He prepped by running and doing core Kung Fu exercises and has scheduled some tattoo appointments along the way. Those interested in following Dukes' journey can read all about it on the Exodus message boards and on his Facebook page.