Given his extracurricular activities -- cross-country motorcycling, singing for one of thrash's most revered bands and now partnering with Terminal Press for zombie anthology comic called 'Zombie Bomb!' -- it's safe to christen Exodus' Rob Dukes as the thrash scene's modern-day renaissance man. But where oh where does Dukes get the energy to stay so creatively vital?

"I love staying busy," Dukes told Noisecreep. "I love to create. I personally suffer from running out of time and spreading myself too thin and I get run down and frustrated. Most of my year, I live out of a suitcase and when I get down time and go home, I feel like I'm under a gun to get things done before I leave again. When I'm on the road, I plan and think of what to do when I get home. Life is short and trying new things seems to be a lot more fun as I get older. I am grateful for the chances given to me, and squandering them would be stupid."

For 'Zombie Bomb!,' Terminal Press' principals asked Dukes if he wanted to be involved, and he agreed and then penned a "quick, funny and sick idea" which eventually blossomed into something more. Dukes admitted that the final outcome is incredibly true to his original ideas -- one about a killer who is evil and twisted; the other, about zombies. He says the comic is dark and evil, just like it should be.

Exodus are currently recording their next effort for Nuclear Blast. Meanwhile, Terminal Press' Exodus-centric comic, 'Exodus: Death Begets Death,' is due out in 2010.