It has been well-chronicled that drummer Bill Ward did not participate in Black Sabbath's latest album '13' and current tour due to a contract dispute. Ward has been keeping busy, however, working on an art project and announcing a solo album.

In a new interview, Ward says he has been working on a solo album titled 'Accountable Beasts,' and that he's waiting to go into the studio to finish mixing it. Ward also spoke with Loudwire about the album, and says he's willing to go back on the road to support it. "I’m trying to finish an album I’ve been working on for nearly five years," explained Ward. "I’m enjoying what I’m doing. When the writing’s done and we have something to show for it and there’s a possibility of taking it out, then I’ll go out. I love touring."

Ward's 'Absence of Corners' art project was recently unveiled. He spent time in a dark studio playing with drumsticks and brushes that had lights on them. Photographs of his playing were turned into abstract art. Ward says seeing the finished artwork for the first time was surprisingly emotional. "It became very therapeutic. I found that a lot of the energy that I had expended with the drums was energy that was full of many emotions," says Ward. "It also was almost like a reflection of some of the emotions that I’d felt in the previous year, in 2012. I had a pretty rough roller coaster ride, to say the least. I thought, ‘Wow, is this coming out in these pictures?’"

He also revealed that support from fans has really helped him as he's gone through the dispute with Black Sabbath. He adds, "I love them to death for the things that they have been saying, I absolutely love them. I wish I could hug every single one of them and kiss every one of them, even if they have beards (laughs). It has helped me to get through some really tough spots."