Ever been accosted by bad art that's really not art, just garbage masquerading as art? Every Time I Die lead throat Keith Buckley has. "Our new album is called 'New Junk Aesthetic,'" he told Noisecreep. "The junk aesthetic pertains to the fact that there is a lot of s---y art out there, and you don't know what is art and what is garbage.

"You ever see those Pizza Hut commercials? Where they sit these people down and tell them they are at a five-star restaurant, but they really feed them Pizza Hut pizza and they are all like, 'This is delicious! I was totally fooled! I just ate complete s--- but said it was good because I thought I was at a five-star establishment?' No one can gauge what is good or not."

On 'New Junk Aesthetic,' the band reverted -- musically speaking -- which for diehard ETID fans, is a step in the right direction. "We went a back a little, to the heavier stuff," Buckley said. "There were a lot of life changes going on with the band. We got older, [guitarist Jordan Buckley] and I are engaged now, so people expect us to slow down in our old age. So we came out with all guns blazing, so it's heavier and faster than 'The Big Dirty.' I wrote all the lyrics with a calligraphy pen. It was great. The lines were much thicker."

Another change came when the band signed with Epitaph after a long association with Ferret Music. "It was the next logical step, and there's no reason other than that," Buckley said. "The Ferret contract ended, and before anyone approached us, we had an inherent feeling that Epitaph would be right for us. We were looking, and they came to us. And it was a no brainer."

'New Junk Aesthetic' is due out Sept. 15.