Any self-respecting 'Simpsons' fan knows that Homer and company reside on Evergreen Terrace in good ole Springfield. The crafty metallions in Evergreen Terrace --the band-- acknowledge the source material for their name, with guitarist Josh James telling Noisecreep, "If Matt Groening needs us on the show, then just tell him to give us a call!"

While Groening can certainly ponder such an offer, Jacksonsville's Evergreen Terrace are diligently working in the studio on their next effort for Metal Blade, titled 'Almost Home.'

"It's been a little over two years since we've entered a studio to lay down new songs," James also said, just as the band was getting acclimated to the studio. "It smells weird, there are cats everywhere and our engineer showed up on a four-wheeler. So, judging from the first seven hours, I'd say we are off to a pretty good start. This record is definitely going to stand out from today's metal, hardcore and punk releases." James makes such a bold and sweeping statement for a reason, saying, "based off the song titles alone, like 'Mario Speedwagon' and 'I Am a Bulletproof Tiger,' you can just tell this record is going to rip."

For 'Almost Home,' Evergreen Terrace promise to offer more in the way of dynamics, too. "It ranges from fast and pissed to driving and epic," James said. "This batch of songs guarantees your new favorite band will be Evergreen Terrace. Just make sure you have the 12 bucks saved up for when 'Almost Home' comes out in September."