Rockers Evans Blue can be immortalized beyond their music now that Formula 51 Ink has named a tattoo color after 'em. There are so many shades and gradations of the color blue, but none are as cool for a tatt as Evans Blue!

We already know that Evans Blue are consummate rockers, with the roof-rattling Graveyard of Empires, their new album, dropping April 17. The record's first single, "This Time It's Different," is Top 30 on the Rock charts, and climbing. But we didn't know that much about Formula 51... until now.

Formula 51 Ink was conceived by owners and respected tattoo artists Chris 51 and Joshua South, who were fueled by a mission to provide quality ink featuring an array of unique colors and premium needles at a fair price. Pride in their products and artistic integrity has made the company the hottest new tattoo maker in the U.S. The founders live by a simple body art/modification credo: Made by tattoo artists for tattoo artists.

Both parties know that tattoos and hard rock are forever linked culturally, which is why Formula 51 approached the band to partner up. Chris 51 said, "We are huge fans of Evans Blue, so the band was an easy, obvious, perfect choice for us to contact with our ink idea. We're thrilled they said ''yes'." "This partnership will break new ground for both the music and tattoo industries," adds South. "We are excited for Formula 51 to blaze this new path together with Evans Blue. No one rocks harder than Evans Blue, and no one cares as much about tattoo ink than us."

Evans Blue singer Dan Chandler concurred, saying, "We are excited to merge our name with Formula 51 Ink, and with the tattoo industry as a whole. I'm stoked to be the first person tattooed with our namesake color!" It gives whole new meaning to the permanence.

Check out Formula 51's official site for more info on the new ink, and also make sure to head on over to for all the latest news on the band.

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