Evanescence has released a new video for 'What You Want,' the first track of their upcoming new album. Dropping their usual fantasy-laden imagery, the band has opted for a more realistic visual approach. Directed by Meiert Avis (U2, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen) the shadowy clip inter-cuts between the band mid-packed club set and frontwoman Amy Lee running around New York's streets and landmarks, from the NYC's Pier 17 to the Brooklyn Bridge to the ocean shores of Coney Island.

"This video is sort of, like, the history of the band," Amy told MTV News. "This club [set] is emulating old shows we used to play in the beginning - we used to play this club called Vino's in Little Rock [Arkansas] - it's sort of like back then, the gritty, dirty club, sweaty ... And it's sort of about escaping New York and ... coming back out into the world."

The new self-titled Evanescence album will drop October 11, but you can pre-order it now on iTunes.

Watch Evanescence's 'What You Want' Video