Evanescence just premiered their long-awaited video for 'My Heart Is Broken.' Directed by Dean Karr (Marilyn Manson, Megadeth), the clip was shot in Los Angeles back in December. "This [video] is going to look a lot different. Actually, I kind of wanted it to be the opposite. The first video, for 'What You Want,' was very real, and this is very surreal," Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee told MTV News about 'My Heart Is Broken.'

"[It's about] this girl, and everything that she would draw would come to life in her dreams, and she was creating this dream world for herself. And at first, it was cool, but then it's like this nightmare. So I sort of thought it would apply, and be cool, to have it be this dream that you're trapped in. So you're in a place that, at first, is a magical world, but at the same time, you're isolated and trapped there, and that's the reason you want to come back to reality after a time," Lee said.

Watch Evanescence's 'My Heart Is Broken' Video

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