BiohazardIn addition to music, writing, photography and living the porn star life, Biohazard's Evan Seinfeld also owns XXX Kustoms, a hot rod shop. Is there anything he isn't successful at? "We have our own motorcycle and hot rod battery, and we have handlebars that we fabricate in house, too," Seinfeld told Noisecreep. "It's my hobby. We do cars from the '20s to the '60s. We buy cars. We sell cars. We customize cars. We also do from the ground up builds, which is our favorite thing to do."

His hands certainly are full ... of D-cup breasts, too. Seinfeld said, "The adult world is where I make the majority of my living." He is currently going through a divorce with ex-wife, former porn star Tera Patrick. He admitted that his wife was no longer tolerant of their open marriage policy.

"It was this strange dichotomy of her being jealous of me banging other chicks," Seinfeld said. "All men do this. Either he does it and you don't know about it, or he wants to do it and is afraid of the consequences or hasn't figured out how to it. No dude wants to be monogamous, so give him a long leash. We're dogs and will always come home."

Seinfeld's newest venture,, is a membership-driven, sophisticated site that caters to his other career and the sense of humor he has about it. "I interview the girls and I also get inside their heads and find out why they got into porn and how did they end up here," he admitted. "People want to know. It is a wide variety of answers: typical runaway stories, to the well-adjusted woman who is smart and sexy, to the 18-year-old who dropped out of high school. It's such a diverse cross-section of people."

Seinfeld is more than well aware of the fact that scenesters talk s--- about his lifestyle, saying, "If you don't like it, you don't have to watch. Those who cry on Blabbermouth, going, 'Oh my God, I hate that guy! He is always taking out his penis!' Don't watch it, stop crying. If you are really into metal and hard rock, then be cool enough to accept the individuality."

He has a point. Biohazard were born into the hardcore scene, which preaches open-mindedness more than it practices the concept. "Hardcore, when I discovered it, in 1984 or 1983, was about being yourself and believe whatever you wanted to," Seinfeld recalled. "Be a vegan, a Hare Krishna, but the music brought you together. Then it was kids had low self-esteem who went around the world talking s---, which was the polar opposite of what is started out as."