Bassist-vocalist Evan Seinfeld has left Biohazard, the band he has fronted since its 1987 inception. The band split in the mid-2000s only to find their way back together in the last few years. Lately, Seinfeld has enjoyed a burgeoning career as a porn star along with his girlfriend, Howard Stern fave Little Lupe Fuentes.

The remaining members of the band issued a terse statement to the press about the matter. "We have a long history together, but it's time for a change," said guitarist and co-founder Bobby Hambel. "We wish Evan well."

Seinfeld will be temporarily replaced by Scott Roberts, who played on the band's 2005 album 'Means to an End.' He will play in place of Seinfeld's at the Download Festival on June 12th in the UK, and again on June 13th at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in London.

Hambel, guitarist-vocalist Billy Graziadei and drummer Danny Schuler will begin the search for a permanent full-time replacement for Seinfeld upon their return to the States.

Biohazard have just completed their first new studio album in six years, their the first with this lineup since 1994's 'State of the World Address.' The album was produced by Toby Wright and will be released this fall, followed by an extensive world tour.

"We had a great time recording this album and we're psyched about it," said Graziadei. "We're really looking forward to having everyone hear it and to get back on the road to rip it up!"

"I think it's one of the best albums we've ever done," Schuler said. "So we're ready to see what the future holds."

We're also ready to hear Seinfeld's side of the story, even if his split from the band was amicable.

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