Artist: Eskimo Callboy

From: Germany

Song: "Light the Skyline"

Album: Bury Me in Vegas

RIYL: Enter Shikari, The Prodigy, Skip the Foreplay

About the song:

"This song tells the story of every person that has ever been betrayed by someone who goes that by just not giving a fuck! You stand up and internalize all the things you ever hated about this person and this exactly make it music easier to get over it. Sure, we kind of draw this picture in our own special way."

-Eskimo Callboy vocalist Alexander Schroder

Listen to 'Light the Skyline'

Hailing from Germany, Eskimo Callboy play a trancey take on metalcore they call "electrocore." Their debut album, Bury Me in Vegas, will hit stores tomorrow, Nov. 20, via Earache Records in the States. Vocalist Alexander Schroder gave Noisecreep breaks the whole electrocore thing down for us:

"Of course there are people that still try to classify the different bands and their styles. But honestly, this is nearly impossible without being superficial. Over the last few years it has become harder and harder to put music into genres. Once there had been hard rock, later there was metal......but what the fuck does our music sound like? Electrocore...we know a lot of bands that are summed up as electrocore but they all sound so completely different that we gave up putting our music in one of these drawers. We'd rather need a whole chest of drawers. Music is always changing and it grows like branches of a tree. Genres have become too vague to be taken seriously."

Pick up your copy of Bury Me in Vegas at this link.