Noisecreep is proud to host an exclusive weekly Escape the Fate tour diary while the band treks around the country with Five Finger Death Punch, Miss May I and Gemini Syndrome this fall. In this second installment, the band's touring guitarist Thrasher talks about jumping on the tour at the last minute and more. Check out his diary entry below:

First off, I'd like to thank Noisecreep for letting me blog on their site, and of course you for reading!! I'm going to be honest with everyone and say this hasn't been the easiest start of a tour. To begin with, the band's previous lead guitar player and brother canceled three days before the start of the tour. So, it's a miracle that this band even made it to the first date. TJ Bell switched to tearing it up on rhythm guitar and Max Green came back on the bass!!!!

The last thing Escape the Fate wanted to do was cancel the tour. The band played the first couple shows without me, and was traveling to shows in a mini-van. I was in the middle of working with a few artists at my studio in Hollywood, so the earliest date I was able to get there was the Kennewick, Wash., show.

Since then, we've been absolutely killing it onstage and have been loving every minute on the road. The band finally got a bus in Kennewick, Wash. We flew out our photographer and everyone is super excited about the new line-up. Traveling and playing alongside Gemini Syndrome, Miss May I and Five Finger Death Punch has been awesome. The FFDP guys have taken us under their wing, and we've gotten help and support from all the bands. If there's one thing that unites us all on this tour, it has got to be the PASSION and commitment everyone has for MUSIC!

Today [Tuesday, Oct. 8], we are in Detroit. Earlier I met some fans in line and judging by their reaction, tonight is going to be one hell of a show!! Robert [Ortiz] just left to go to Eminem's house (the one on his album cover) to replicate it with our photographer, haha.

I wish I had more time to talk, but TJ and I are going to work on some guitar parts for our headliner in my hometown, New York. Till next time.

Stay classy!


Our thanks to Escape the Fate touring guitarist Kevin Thrasher for this installment of Escape the Fate's weekly tour diary. If you haven't picked up Escape the Fate's 'Ungrateful' album, it's currently available at this location. The band's dates with Five Finger Death Punch continue through Oct. 20. See the remaining itinerary below.

Escape the Fate With Five Finger Death Punch:

10/11 -- Providence, R.I. -- Lupo's
10/12 -- New York, N.Y. -- Best Buy Theater
10/13 -- Lancaster, Pa. -- Freedom Hall
10/15 -- Raleigh, N.C. -- The Ritz
10/17 -- Bossier City, La. -- Century Tel Arena
10/18 -- Tulsa, Okla. -- Brady Theater
10/19 -- Kansas City, Mo. -- Midland Theater
10/20 -- Springfield, Mo. -- Shrine Mosque