Escape the Fate unleashed the 'Issues' remix EP, which contains some remixes of the band's single 'Issues,' via digital platforms. Noisecreep's favorite is the remix done by Does It Offend You, Yeah?, who have worked with Muse. This version of the song is laced with a moody, head-down vibe, and synths are brought forward into the mix, making this rendition of the song a very goth club-friendly anthem.

"I really like the dark element that Does It Offend You, Yeah? added to 'Issues,'" singer Craig Mabbitt told Noisecreep. "Check it out!"

If you like the Cure or Depeche Mode, then you will certainly dig the Does It Offend You, Yeah? version of 'Issues.' The original version of 'Issues' appears on the band's self-titled Interscope debut, which hit stores last year right as bassist Max Green entered rehab.

Additionally, fans can remix the song for a chance to win $1,000 and be featured on the band's official site. The contest runs through Feb. 8.

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