Las Vegas' melodic metal rabble rousers Escape the Fate will release their self-titled third album and Interscope debut on Nov. 2. The release will be preceded by Escape the Fate tour dates with Bullet for My Valentine. Bassist Max Green said in a statement, "We're making our mark on the world [100 percent] through blood, sweat and tears and so we felt we should set it in stone by self titling our album."

They certainly have confidence in this new record, too. Vocalist Craig Mabbitt told Noisecreep that his feeling about the record can be likened to bodily excretions. "As I was listening to the record, I felt a tingling sensation deep inside my gut and I thought I had to take a dump, but actually it my confidence kicking in, 'cause I realized how badass this album is," he admitted. "Since that day, every morning I've woken up and pissed excellence. So listen to this record, and you too can piss excellence like me."

The singer continued, "This is the first record where we enjoy every single track and are proud of every single track. We all agree and feel strongly about every part of every track on this record. And for that fact alone, we decided this is the album that truly defines who we are as a band. This is the record that finally will establish Escape the Fate, and this record is a big middle finger to anyone who thinks otherwise."

Mabbitt also had a few tips for visitors to Sin City, saying, "First recommendation: Do not stay at the Hooters Hotel. Second recommendation: Get wasted -- and get wasted for free. Just sit down at penny slot, throw in a quarter really slowly and wait for a waitress to walk over and they¹ll serve you drinks for free."

You can check out the new song 'Massacre' now, which Green said "makes you wanna get up and break something." Green also confidently proclaimed, "Our record will be the cure for the modern day music epidemic. We are wiping the slate clean and re-writing rock music as you know it!"