What do Josh Todd, Ron Jeremy, Benji Madden and snakes on a plane all have in common? Why, they all make cameos in the new Escape the Fate video for '10 Miles Wide' of course.

Directed by Elliot Dillman, the clip puts the young members of Escape the Fate in a rockin' plane, miles above reality. Sure, every passenger is uber hot and scantily clad – why not? It's also pretty normal for Josh Todd to randomly hop out of his seat in (gasp!) coach to sing along. Todd looks annoyed as hell while boarding the plane but he gets in the groove easy enough.

Escape the Fate is about to embark on a grand adventure as a member of the 2009 Vans Warped Tour. Playing live shows and supporting their album 'This War Is Ours' is probably pretty fun, but not nearly as wild as this video and rolling around in an airplane fuselage with 25 coeds.