Upstart rockers Era9 are starting to build a name for themselves on the road, having just completed dates with Trapt and preparing to make the transition to support Pop Evil and Drowning Pool. To help build some new relationships, the band is offering a special tour videographer promotion for their upcoming dates.

The group is seeking fans who would like to hang out before performances and document the band's daily off-stage activity, with the footage eventually turning up on their video log.

The band says in announcing the promotion, "Each winner will meet us at the venue and spend the afternoon running around town or chilling in the RV with us. We may even cook you dinner! We'll provide you with a camera while you're with us to videotape it all! Your work will be featured on our vlog. You will receive two tickets to watch the show, so bring a friend to help." Winners are being chosen at random and in addition to the pre-show filming, they'll also receive the band's 'Turn Day' EP and a group t-shirt.

For those who've been following the band online, the possibility that a dinner might be included is definitely a treat as the group has made it a habit to eat healthy while on tour and have showcased some of their meals on their Facebook page. Expect that to continue with more 'Road Recipes' features turning up on the site.

Era9 are currently ramping up to the release of their new EP, 'Turn Day,' which drops on Aug. 13. The six-song effort is led by the poignant rocker, 'Oxygen.' Frontman Phil Paolino describes the track as "a power ballad with messages of gratitude," while guitarist Jona Dhe Paganon adds, "You can't progress in life without realizing sometimes you need a little help. When emotions explode, the weight is lifted and then you can breathe again."

Stay tuned to Era9's Facebook page for tour videographer promotions in certain markets. To see Era9's upcoming tour dates, check here.