For this year's Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland, Norwegian progressive black metal minions Enslaved have been announced as the "artist in residence." Set to take place April 15-18, Enslaved will be doing several special performances and collaborations throughout the four-day affair.

Guitarist/keyboardist Ivar Bjørnson comments, "This show will pan towards the latter-day Enslaved and will consist of a set list specially put together for Roadburn; emphasizing the heavy, the psychedelic and not but least -- the visual aspect of what Enslaved is today. Be prepared for a surprise or two!"

Starting out as a Viking metal outfit in 1991, Enslaved have pioneered a strong connection between black metal and prog in their nearly 20-year career. With their most recent offerings, Enslaved embody an incredible combination of heavy psych and modern metal, which is why they were invited to honor Roadburn 2010.

Showcasing their achievements in sound, the band's members will not only play Enslaved material, but will also perform as Enslaved side project Trinacria -- a composition of Norwegian extreme metal mixed with contemporary Norwegian noise -- and with Bjørnson's other projects Dream of an Opium Eater -- an intense, epic soundtrack played to a collection of Norwegian horror short films -- and for the first time ever outside of Scandinavia, a collaboration with Shining (NO) on 'The Armageddon Concerto' -- a composition by Enslaved's Bjørnson and Shining's Jørgen Munkeby, which Bjørnson describes as "an experience of a life time. Prog, doom, jazz, extreme metal, northern mythology, science fiction -- this is going to be massive."

Enslaved/Shining (NO) will be the main headliner of the festival, performing April 17, while Trinacria will grace Tom Gabriel Warrior's 'Only Death Is Real' curated event April 16.