Fans went absolutely nuts over Emmure at the New York City stop of the Thrash and Burn Tour a few weeks back. Apparently, the feeling is mutual, as vocalist Frankie Palmeri told Noisecreep that "the best thing is all the fans who have been coming out to support us and the rest of the bands on the tour. They really make it worth it every night."

We noted at the show that Emmure certainly attract a younger demographic of fans, who look like they're barely even in high school yet -- and like they had to have their parents drop them off in front of the venue for the show!

"Our sound translates so well to our younger fans because we are exactly that: a young, fresh band with a lot of energy, and we expect a lot of energy from our audience. We really have the best fans in the world, and it is really beyond us, just how dedicated they are. So we try and give that love and respect back every night," Palmeri added, offering his theory about why younger kids have been magnetically drawn to the band.

'Felony,' the band's latest, is out now on Victory Records.