Egypt Central won't be releasing their new album, 'White Rabbit,' until May 17. But Noisecreep has the exclusive early scoop, and we're thrilled to premiere the title track from the album. It's a crunchy, radio-friendly rager that makes lyrical references to 'Alice in Wonderland.' It's an anthem frontloaded with driving rhythms, razor-sharp vocals and a melody that just won't quit. You can listen to 'White Rabbit' only once, and it will continue to come back and haunt you.

"The song 'White Rabbit' is all the bottled-up angst of years of a bad relationship finally spilling out," the band told Noisecreep. "This person had burrowed their way into lives and was trying to eat us from the inside out. We wouldn't let it happen and triumphantly moved on from that relationship. The song is a reflection of that journey but has grown to be so much more."

Listen to 'White Rabbit'

The Memphis-based band -- who borrow their name from one of the toughest roads running through their hometown -- also view the song as a rallying cry of sorts, saying, "The 'White Rabbit' serves as a metaphor for anyone or anything trying to get in the way of our dreams. We won't be pushed aside. We will be heard."