Forming in early 2011, Edge of Paradise released Mask, their debut album, later that same year. An impressive feat for any band, but when you add that the self-released album garnered radio airplay, it's all the more inspiring.

Edge of Paradise obviously have a tireless work ethic and the Los Angeles-based combo are already at work on their next album, Perfect Shade of Black. Working with producer Bob Kulick (KISS, WASP), the band has partnered with Noisecreep to bring you a taste of what they have cooking with "Break Away," a song from the new sessions. Oh yeah, none other than Michael Wagener (Dokken, Accept) mixed the stuff!

"'Break Away' carries the underlying theme of our next release Perfect Shade of Black, which explores the survival of humanity," Edge of Paradise singer Margarita Monet tells Noisecreep about the track. "The idea that we will bring ourselves back to the primal state of existence and rise again from the dark."

Check out "Break Away" audio stream plus a lyric video the group just put together for us!

Listen to 'Break Away'

Monet continues: "The song is shaped around greed, a human trait that could eventually destroy us. It's visualized as a spell or hypnosis that gains control of our being. Some of us give into the preconceived notion of perfection and loose ourselves to a desire that can awaken the darkest parts of humanity. It's very hard to stay true to yourself in this world, where ideals and standards are forced upon us from a young age, preventing us from forming our own, unbiased judgement.

"The chorus is the battle within us and our fabricated ideals. The song ends as it takes you to the epicenter of the war, where we are no longer capable of separating right from wrong, because it doesn't matter in the end, as it will come down to survival.

"I find myself facing this everyday and I hope that by hearing this song you will take something for yourself and gain control of your own desires. So, 'Leave your quest for gold or greed will kill us all, don't look in the eye of the storm'."

Watch 'Break Away' Lyric Video

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