When we caught up with Drowning Pool guitarist C.J. Pierce, he had the day off on the band's current tour with Godsmack and Five Finger Death Punch, and he was stationed just outside of Chicago. Instead of chilling, playing video games or taking in the local sites of the Windy City, Pierce was writing more music.

"I don't take a day off," Pierce told Noisecreep. "My hobby when I am not playing music ... is to play music. There are so many facets; coming up with ideas, laying them down." He also copped to being in dire need of clean clothes, so he was going to take a break from working on tunes to do some laundry. Us Weekly was right. Rock stars are just like us.

Even on this particular tour, the egos have been checked at the door. "Everyone was hanging out last night in the dressing room, shooting the s---," Pierce revealed. "There was no rock star stuff happening, and everyone gets along."

However, one person that Pierce sort of steers clear of during football season is bassist Stevie Benton, who is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. Given the team's abysmal start to the season, he is no fun to be around after games. "I am the one guy who is not a junkie like everyone else in the band when it comes to sports," Pierce said. "The rest of the guys all have fantasy football teams and are glued to the TV no matter what is going on. My week is not messed up if my team loses. But for the others? They are destroyed for the rest of the week!"

Pierce revealed that since his beloved Cowboys are dwelling in the basement of the NFC East, Benton "is not in a good mood right now. I root for his team to win so he will be in a good mood. His whole week is determined by that, so I root for his team to keep his spirits up."