In terms of musical style, Dredg are one of the toughest-to-define groups you'll find us covering on Noisecreep. The California band blends elements of classic progressive rock and post-hardcore while adding engaging vocal lines that result in a melodically rewarding listening experience. Dredg recently announced the release of 'Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy,' the interestingly titled fifth album from the group, on May 3rd through Superball Music.

Noisecreep recently chatted with Dredg guitarist-vocalist Gavin Hayes to get the skinny on their upcoming album.

Noisecreep: Dredg have always marched to their own beat, but you've really topped yourself with this new album title!

Gavin Hayes: Yes, this has to be one of my favorites [laughter]. I have to thank our good friend and engineer Tim Carter for that.

Can we expect the music be as left-of-center as its title?

Honestly, I think the album title might outshine the record in regards to it being "left-of-center." It's a different [type of] record for us though, which is great. It sounds like us, but with a twist -- a Dan the Automator twist.

Speaking of Dan, you brought him in to help write and produce the material. That's a huge statement of trust on the band's behalf. What drew you to him in the first place?

Dan remixed our song 'Sangreal' back in 2005. After that, we became friends and talked off and on about collaborating on a project. Five years later, the timing was right so we rolled with it. In addition, we were [already] fans of Dan's work as an artist/producer from his collaborations with Dr. Octagon, Handsome Boy Modeling School, and Lovage. So there was already a lot of trust in place.

Since Dan is involved, are there any hip hop-type nuances in the new material?

Yes, I think those nuances are mostly apparent in the rhythm section though. A lot of the tones and drum patterns are reminiscent of hip hop, but that was expected after we agreed to work with Dan.

You've been on an indie label for a few years now. Do you find the freedom refreshing or does it become a bit overwhelming at times?

To be honest, it doesn't feel that much different. We still have a great group of people working with us and have been doing this long enough to know there isn't much that can overwhelm us anymore. We kind of have this "I don't give a f---" attitude now and I must admit it feels great.

Watch the video for 'Bug Eyes'

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