An enterprising young Dream Theater fan endeavored to offer a beatboxed cover of the band's song 'The Dance of Eternity,' which he considers to be the most rhythmically complex song in rock and metal due to the 108 time signature changes, indicated on flashcards. His efforts earned him a seal of approval from former drummer Mike Portnoy, since those are his drum parts being replicated.

The fan sets up the song, which appears on 'Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory,' and explains what he will be doing for seven (!!!) minutes. The clip went somewhat viral, and Mr. Portnoy shared his thumbs up.

OMG...this is BRILLIANT! My drum parts have a whole new flavor...THIS GUY should've been the one to take my place in DT!! hahaha : )

Portnoy was replaced by Mike Mangini in a somewhat messy divorce from the band he co-founded. While Portnoy said his former bandmates have slammed the door shut and thrown away the key on the idea of ever welcoming him back to the fold, if things somehow go south with Mangini, this guy could step in!

We've never thought beatboxing would go prog, but...