Dr. Acula

Dr. Acula vocalist Tyler Guida, who spoke in the third person, gave Noisecreep a keen insight into the band's new album, 'The Social Event of the Century,' due out April. Noisecreep is also giving you a sneak peek at the album, with a stream of the track 'Show Stopper.'

"For years now, Dr. Acula have been on a mission to supply what is a generally darker genre of music with a fun, more home-based outlook," Guida told Noisecreep. "Using the things they deal with on a daily basis as fuel to their chaotic sound has established them as a renowned 'party' band, good times, hard times, drunk times, high times and so on. They cover it all on their upcoming album 'The Social Event of the Century.'"

Listen to 'Show Stopper'

Guida continued, "With the release of the new album fans and haters alike will see a new finely tuned version of the Dr. Acula they know, hitting harder than ever before, while still keeping the heavy rock 'n' roll influence. They will be hitting the road hard for the coming months after the release."

Dr. Acula will be touring with Attila, Blind Witness, A Hero A Fake, Molotov Solution, I Declare War and Monsters in the coming months.