Dommin frontman Kristofer Dommin doesn't have season tickets to the L.A. Lakers or Kings. No, his choice is Disneyland. Why not? It's cheaper, the food is as deliciously junky, and there are more fireworks displays.

"I'm an annual pass holder," he proudly tells Noisecreep. "When I'm home, I go at least once a week ... sometimes twice a week. You can't see outside the park when you're inside the park, so you really feel like you're in a different place."

He lives a 25-minute drive away from the Magic Kingdom in Anaheim, Calif. and often pops in by himself, if none of his bandmates or friends want to join him.

"It's the whole feeling of a kid experiencing magic, I think," Dommin explains of the appeal. "As we all get older, sometimes we know that there's not a wizard behind the curtain. And, in some ways, it's kind of sad. I think it's OK to imagine and it's good to dream. To me, when I go there, I feel like a little kid again and I'll watch the fireworks show."

Dommin doesn't get annoyed by the hoards of screaming or excited children there, running around or bashing into him with their dripping ice cream. "What's more annoying is the parents," he laughs. "Most of the time, the kids are good. I find the biggest pet peeve are the parents with strollers who are going with the flow of walking traffic and all of a sudden ... stop."

He has gone to Disneyland so much now -- he has had a season pass for three years -- that he rarely goes on the rides. "Sometimes, I'll just go to walk around or go to eat or see the fireworks show or see some show. When you have a pass, you don't have to go all day. If I had to go at 9 AM and leave at midnight, I'd shoot myself. I can go at [6 PM], watch the fireworks, grab some bad food and be home in a couple of hours."

The singer, whose band has just released 'Love Is Gone' on Roadrunner Records, is currently touring Europe with Lacuna Coil and would love to go to Disneyland in Paris.

"There's really not a window of opportunity," he said. "If you have day off, it's usually because you have an extreme amount of traveling to do.

"I've never been to Disney World, either," he adds of the resort in Orlando, Fla. "But I'd love to go."